Moraine Camplands
A Member Owned Campground in Slippery Rock, PA

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Welcome To Moraine Camplands!

Welcome to the home of the Moraine Camplands Association.

Moraine Camplands is the perfect place for your family weekend getaway! MCA is a member-owned campground located off I-79 just four miles west of the town of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Since 1975, Moraine Camplands has been the summer home for over 800 families.

Take the kids for a rousing game of miniature golf at our 18 hole miniature golf course. We also have a game room with the latest video games. Get together with other members or have your family reunion or gathering. You can challenge your skills at one of our regulation tennis courts, volleyball court or the baseball field. You could even live your very own "Hoop Dreams" at the basketball courts. Enjoy swimming in an attended heated pool, Spectacular 4th of July fireworks at our beautiful lake and many other special events.

Enjoy dances with a DJ or live band at our Recreation Center. The finest bands from the area will entertain the whole family. Come on up and get to know your neighbors, and enjoy the splendor of the Western Pennsylvania countryside. The campground comprises approximately 900 lots on 146 acres with over 1,600 members in the park. The campground contains our own water and sewage treatment plants.

Access to the park requires a pass-key. All maintenance is performed by an in-house staff.  A continuous schedule of activities is planned to accommodate all ages.  Click here for the calendar of events.

For a listing of trailers / lots for sale click here.

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The Moraine Camplands 2018 Events Calendar is available!  Click Here.
Office will be open 7 days a week  Monday - Tuesday - Friday - Saturday 8:30-4: 30
Wednesday - Thursday 10:30-4:30
Sundays 11:30-4:30
If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 724-794-6242
Attention members - Please click here to view the 2018 dues notice.  Click here to view dues policies and regulations
Attention members - a surveyor with the DCNR will be in and out of our campground over the next couple months surveying Jennings & Moraine State parks property lines.

How does this affect us? It affects the camp lots that are located near the property lines of Jennings Environmental. Sections affected are A section & E section.

The DCNR does have the right to come into our park and periodically survey their lines. The DCNR in addition to surveying will be looking for any encroachments on or over their property lines OR anyone who has disturbed their ground, i.e. removing trees, bushes, dirt, even rocks, etc. Fines could be levied against LOT OWNER'S who do not comply with encroachment rules of the DCNR.

Please make sure any and all items are not on their property. PLEASE remember that IT IS THE LOT OWNER'S responsibility to stay within their property lines AND THE LOT OWNER's responsibility to remove said items NOT THE MCA MAINTENANCE STAFF.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please direct any questions or concerns to the office
NOTICE - In an effort to protect members privacy, the BOD minutes have been removed from the website.  Any MEMBER may still access the minutes by requesting to view them at the office.









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Moraine Camplands Association
281 Staff Road
Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Primary Phone: (724) 794-6242
Fax: (724) 794-1492

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